Environmental respect and sensitivity starts at the exploration phase. We clean up behind ourselves and as we move forward to develop our properties, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

Henley Harbour

Staked in April 2010, the original Henley Harbour licenses, containing 659 claims (165 sq. km.), occur on the southern coast of Labrador between Red Bay and Mary's Harbour. The property is underlain by Proterozoic felsic to intermediate intrusions and bands of supra crustal rocks, some of which are thought to be felsic volcanic rocks. Reconnaissance activity on these claims has included grab sampling and some channel sampling of showings that appear in three separate belts of mineralization. Following are the highlights.

Bad Bay and Iceberg Prospects – Dysprosium (Dy) values from 195-506 ppm; HREE+Y/Total REE+Y ranges up to 25.54%; Niobium values range from 352 to 3852 ppm and Yttrium values range from 971 to 2156 ppm;

St. Peter's Bay Prospect Dysprosium values from 228-1290 ppm; HREE+Y/Total REE+Y ranges up to 84.87%; Niobium values range from 1339 to 14862 ppm, and Yttrium values range from 1199 to 7056 ppm.

Pleasure Pond - Dysprosium values up to 3400 ppm (Dy203 up to 4500 ppm); HREE+Y/Total REE+Y ranges up to 65.07%; Niobium values range up to 14407 ppm, and Yttrium values range up to 14700 ppm.

As these prospects are on tidewater and only 20 km from the Trans Labrador Highway, they fit well with the strategy of exploration and discovery in accessible regions. However, with current focus on the Port Hope Simpson Critical Rare Earth Element District these claims have been maintained but not explored beyond the reconnaissance stage. Search is open to joint venture proposals on these claims.