Search Minerals is a mining and technology company focused on exploration and development of the Critical Rare Earth Element District in Southeastern Labrador, Canada. Road-accessible and located on tidewater, the district contains significant quantities of elements that are in short supply considered critical due to their use in green technology. Based on these attributes, we’re aiming to become a competitive, low-cost, environmentally responsible supplier of Critical Rare Earth Elements to the global marketplace.

Search Minerals provides stakeholder benefits and shareholder value through the four pillars of our operations: Resource, Primary Processing, Secondary Processing, and Sales & Offtake.

We have demonstrated our operational process from start to finish at the bench and pilot-plant scales, and we are advancing rapidly on our sprint to production with a target of 2025.

Our experienced team excels at identifying, analyzing, and profiling mineral sites in our district. With two resource estimates, three exploration prospects, and 20 or more potential sites in the 63 km-long Critical Rare Earth Element (CREE) where we operate, we have the right resource to deliver superior material for processing at a low cost.

Primary Processing:
The next step is primary processing, where materials extracted from mine sites undergo Magnetic Concentration (MC), consisting of crushing and grinding the materials and feeding them into magnetic separation devices. Once separated, the materials can undergo secondary processing in preparation for entry into the supply chain. Search's primary processing produces dry stackable mine tailings, minimizing environmental impact compared to traditional separation processes.

Hydrometallurgy and Secondary Processing:
Secondary processing begins with Search's patended Direct Extraction (DX) process, which uses hydrometallurgical leaching tanks to purify rare earth concentrate into rare earth oxides (REOs). Next comes Solvent Extraction (SE), which separates the rare earth oxides into individual oxides of permanent magnet material. Finally, metals alloy production takes place, converting the oxides into useable metals for the supply chain.

Sales and offtake:
Once processing and separation are complete, the materials are saleable to support the Rare Earth supply chain via our offtake partners. Search’s sites have a strong concentration of high-demand rare earth elements, and with the market continuing to grow rapidly, we are poised to be a key player in this arena.

We have a strategic roadmap that will leverage these four pillars as we move toward production in 2025. To learn more, download our corporate presentation or email info@searchminerals.ca.