Why Invest in Search?

On a macro level, Search Minerals provides excellent exposure to the greentech market, including electric vehicles, wind power, and next-generation batteries. As this market accelerates, OEMs are realizing that there are not enough REEs available to support their planned production. To meet the demand, significant domestic supply chain growth is needed, and Search is here to meet that need.

On a company level, Search is ideally positioned to provide low-cost, environmentally friendly REEs with strong community partnerships. Here are the highlights supporting our sprint to production by 2025:

District-scale opportunity Two projects with 43-101 resource estimates showing strong concentrations of high-demand rare earth elements, plus three more advanced prospects and 20+ potential prospects
Excellent location and community support Located in a mining-friendly region of Labrador, Canada with year-round tidewater access, supportive nearby communities, and a local airstrip
Low costs Scalable build plan leverages existing infrastructure, while our proprietary processing can be set up on-site to produce high-purity concentrate with low cost and environmental impact
Government support Since 2012, the provincial and federal governments have supported our development plans, and Search was selected to participate in the Accelerated Growth Service initiative in 2021
Strong partnerships We’re proud to be part of local community and have built a network of outstanding partnerships to ensure long-term success
Right people Our experienced leadership team brings skills in business, REE geology, and REE metallurgy

The next major goal in our sprint to production is a feasibility study by 2023. The catalysts for this feasibility study include:

  • Preliminary economic assessment – 2022
  • Phase IV Deep Fox drill program – 2022
  • Phase I Fox Meadow drill program – 2022

To learn more and see our timeline to production, see our Corporate Presentation. To discuss investment opportunities, contact info@searchminerals.ca.