Environmental Benefits

As a company focused on providing Rare Earth Element (REE) resources to power a green future, ensuring environmental sustainability is important to us. Our processing technology, including the patented Direct Extraction methods, offers significant environmental benefits compared to traditional REE extraction methods:

No tailings ponds required:
Because the residue from our process is solid rather than liquid, no tailings ponds are necessary. This reduces the long-term environmental impact and greatly lowers the risk of chemical contamination.

Smaller physical footprint:
With no need for tailings, the overall mine site is smaller, resulting in less disruption to the landscape and allowing for faster remediation after project completion.

Fewer chemicals required:
Our secondary processing requires fewer chemical inputs than traditional extraction, and some of the reagents can be reclaimed afterward for lower overall impact.

Lower energy usage:
Our processes require less energy than traditional concentration methods, resulting in more cost-effective production and lower environmental impact.

We’re focused on safe, sustainable development of the North American-European REE supply chain. In addition to our environmental stewardship, learn more about our commitment to health and safety for our people, partners, and communities.