Fox Meadow Prospect

The Fox Meadow discovery is located 11 km west of Port Hope Simpson and 1 km northwest of a gravel forest access road which extends southwestward from the Trans-Labrador Highway. It coincides with a magnetic anomaly approximately 1 km long and 250 m wide. Geological mapping and channel sampling indicate that the mineralization of this site occurs in two bands. The northerly band was initially sampled by four sections of channels, indicating a width of at least 30 m and strike length of 425 m. Outcrop mapping in 2016 extended the zone by an additional 200 m.

The observed surface dimensions of higher-grade mineralization at Fox Meadow are similar to the Foxtrot deposit (10-14 m wide and 400 m long) and Deepwater Fox deposit (up to 34 m wide and 500 m long). In comparing channel sample assays between Fox Meadow, Deepwater Fox, and Foxtrot, Critical Rare Earth Element values are most similar to those found at Foxtrot. This affirms that Fox Meadow is the third Foxtrot-like mineralized zone in the Port Hope Simpson district, further supporting the potential for multi-generational, cost-effective Rare Earth Element mining throughout the region.

Highlights of the FOX MEADOW 2020 channel program:

  • Channel assay highlights (all true widths):
    • Section FMC-20-01 (NW): 11,933 ppm Zr, 237 ppm Dy, 1,443 ppm Nd, 267 ppm Hf, over 8.17m;
    • Section FMC-20-03 (SE): 12,157 ppm Zr, 208 ppm Dy, 1,165 ppm Nd, 269 ppm Hf over 16.17m;
    • Section FMC-20-04 (NW): 17,378 ppm Zr, 259 ppm Dy, 1,552 ppm Nd, 372 ppm Hf over 8.91m;
  • Current channel program indicates that the NW mineralized zone is at least 175m wide and 425m long, and, the SE mineralized zone is at least 116m wide and 365m long; 790m combined length;
  • FOX MEADOW combined (NW and SE zones) surface extent is much greater than the FOXTROT and DEEP FOX surface extents, which are 350-450 m long and up to 40m thick;
  • Expanded 2021 channeling/trenching and/or drilling program needed to sample the extended length and width indicated in the 2020 exploration program.

Fox Meadow Status Update

Here are the activities undertaken at Fox Meadow so far, plus what’s underway as part of our sprint to production:

  • Site identified with UAV magnetometer survey (August 2019) ✓
  • 12 channel assays completed (2020) ✓
  • 5 channels reported (2021) ✓
  • Determine mineralization zone to attain “drill-readiness” (2021) ✓
  • Commence initial 6,000m drill program – 2022

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