Foxtrot Resource

The first of Search Minerals’ identified sites in the Critical Rare Earth Element (CREE) District, the Foxtrot resoruce is on tidewater and is accessible by road and air. The nearby coastal community of St. Lewis has a motivated workforce and a year-round deep-water port. Search has established positive working relationships with these communities and with the Nunatukavut Community Council, who represent the area’s indigenous population.

To date, the Foxtrot deposit has been delineated by geological mapping and geophysics, 20 surface channels, and 18,855 metres of drilling across 72 drill holes. The mineral composition and context are very well understood, and sampling results at the surface have been consistent with depth assays, giving us further insight into this site and the potential of the overall district.

This image shows a cross-section of the Foxtrot Resource:

The table below summarizes the resource estimate for Foxtrot, updated in April 2022:

Classification Tonnage (000s t) Pr ppm Nd ppm Dy ppm Tb ppm
Open Pit
Indicated 4,577 366 1,372 175 30
Inferred 413 322 1,202 173 29
Indicated 5,462 365 1,366 177 30
Inferred 2,593 379 1,413 177 31
Total indicated 10,040 366 1,368 176 30
Total inferred 3,006 371 1,384 177 30

Foxtrot Status Update

Here are the activities undertaken at Foxtrot so far, plus what’s underway as we work toward our production target:

  • Discovery (2010) ✓
  • Detailed geological analysis (2015) ✓
  • Scoping study for processing facility (2015) ✓
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment (2016) ✓
  • Updated resource calculation (2022) ✓
  • Preliminary Economy Assessment report (2022)

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