Red Wine REE District

In addition to our development efforts in the Critical Rare Earth Element (CREE) District in southeast Labrador, Search Minerals also holds properties in the Red Wine REE District in west-central Labrador. The Red Wine peralkaline complex consists of two identical plutons located 110 km northeast of the Community of Churchill Falls in Central Labrador. In 2010 and 2011, we completed an extensive exploration program in the area consisting of prospecting, mapping, channel sampling of nine critical rare earth element prospects, in addition to drilling work.

Recent Developments

Search staked eight new licenses in the Red Wine REE District in 2021, continues to hold two older licenses and has acquired two other properties (4 licenses) through option agreements in the Red Wine District of central Labrador, about 140km NE of Churchill Falls. The 2021 exploration program consisted of helicopter-supported prospecting, geological mapping and sampling (grab and channel) in five different projects. This work was in preparation for larger programs in the district in 2022.

The Narnia Hill Project in the district consists of License 025298, staked in 2009, and new Licenses 032428, 032586 and 032704, staked in early 2021. The 2021 program looked for REE mineralization associated with peralkaline volcanic rocks in/near a volcanic vent. Mapping was carried out on parts of two licenses and several small channel samples were obtained from the 4 licenses of this project.

The Merlot Project consists of the north central part of License 013144, staked in 2009, and new Licenses 032044, 032427, and 032588, staked in early 2021. The 2021 program consisted of prospecting, mapping, grab sampling and channel sampling to expand the extent of the known Merlot-type heavy REE peralkaline pyroxenite-hosted mineralization. Mapping and sampling on Licenses 013144 and 032044 indicate that there are several mineralized zones on both licenses that require further exploration work including trenching, channeling, mapping and sampling in 2022.

Merlot-type mineralization has also been reported in new License 032427, staked in early 2021. The 2021 programs focus was on obtaining grab samples for further evaluation.

Additional licenses were also staked around new projects called Mann#1, Mann#2, and Two Tom Lake in 2021. The two licenses of the Two Tom Lake option were visited in 2021 to obtain grab samples, to observe previously cut channels and to sample and log some drill cores from the property.

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