What are Rare Earth Elements (REEs), and why are they so important?

REEs are naturally occurring metals found throughout the earth’s crust. For decades, they’ve played a critical role in manufacturing electronics, as well as making them smaller and more efficient. REEs are also classified as “transformational elements” because blending a small quantity of them with other materials can have a huge impact on the overall product. For example, blending in REEs can:

  • Make magnets 40 times stronger
  • Radically improve the strength and heat resistance of metals and glass
  • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from catalytic converters

Because of their unique properties, REEs play an essential role in computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. They are also essential for medical and defense uses as well as green technology such as electric cars, wind turbines, and high-efficiency LEDs and lightbulbs.

With the growing global focus on green technology and renewable energy, REEs are more important than ever. That’s why a stable, sustainable source of these elements is essential. With a sprint to production for 2025, Search Minerals will become a critical part of the North American and European rare earth supply chains.

What types of REEs are located in Search’s critical mineral districts?

Search Minerals controls the Critical Rare Earth Element (CREE) district in Southeast Labrador. Sites within this area, including the Foxtrot, Deep Fox, and Fox Meadow locations, all have high concentrations of Neodymium (Nd), Dysprosium (Dy), Praseodymium (Pr), and Terbium (Tb). These are sometimes termed “Critical” Rare Earth Elements because they are in growing demand while supplies remain low. Here are some of the uses for these important REEs:

  • Neodymium (Nd): Magnets, electronics, loudspeakers, wind turbines, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Dysprosium (Dy): Data storage, electronics, rare-earth lamps, lasers
  • Praseodymium (Pr): Alloys for aircraft engines, reinforced glass, eye-protecting glass for welders
  • Terbium (Tb): Electronics, actuators, sonar systems, senors, rare-earth lamps, TV tubes

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