Fox Meadow

The Fox Meadow Project is located 11 km west of Port Hope Simpson, with site access provided via a gravel forest resource road that extends southeastward from the Trans-Labrador Highway.

The Fox Meadow mineralized zone, established through several years of channel sampling programs, is up to 175 m wide with a current strike length of 680 m (Figure 1). The surficial extent of the Fox Meadow prospect is larger than both the Deep Fox and Foxtrot Resources. Fox Meadow mineralization is associated with a magnetic anomaly that extends to the NW and SE for a combined distance of over 1 km, indicating that the area is highly prospective for a large-scale REE deposit. Geochemical results from channel samples reveal that the overall grade is lower than Deep Fox or Foxtrot, but the size and the very low uranium and thorium concentrations of the Fox Meadow prospect are an additional benefit. 

Figure 1: Channel sample and diamond drill hole locations at the Fox Meadow Prospect

Figure 1: Channel sample and diamond drill hole locations at the Fox Meadow Prospect.

Geology at Fox Meadow is structurally complex, with several phases of deformation evident in the rocks. Mineralization is hosted in trachytic pantellerites that are more mafic and coarse-grained than Deep Fox or Foxtrot, suggesting a subvolcanic or intrusive origin. The REE are mainly hosted in allanite and fergusonite, which are spatially associated with zircon, magnetite, and mafic minerals. Zirconium concentrations over 50,000 ppm have been recorded.

A 2000 m drill program and an additional 216 m channel sampling program were completed in November/December 2022; results are pending.

Table: Selected Channel Intervals from the Fox Meadow Prospect